rv-mvxm-bscfl-vert.pngThe Reville Guitar brand was launched in 2014 by long-time friends Cameron Paterson and Harrison Osborne.  Both guitar enthusiasts and small business entrepreneurs, Cameron and Harrison took on the challenge of offering quality guitars without the inflated "Big Brand" price.  Initially branded as "Revv Guitars," the brand quickly earned a reputation for superb value and developed a fan base among early adopters.

The Revv Guitar brand was renamed as Reville Guitars in late 2015, a name that the owners feel better identifies with the musicians purchasing the brand's guitars.

How do we offer affordable guitars with quality equal to Big Brand guitars 2-3x the price?  You can read about our strategy in detail in this article we've written, but in summary, there are 6 core principles we apply:
  • Experienced Production Reduces Rework & Eliminates Scrap - No Waste!
  • Reville Isn't A Big Bloated Corporate Machine
  • We Improve Production Efficiency And Pass Savings On To You
  • We Only Sell Direct, Saving 40% In Markup That Dealers Would Take
  • Better Packaging, Eliminating Shipping Damage
  • Eliminating Expensive Marketing Campaigns
By focusing on streamlined distribution and quality control, Reville focuses on reducing waste and passes those savings on to its customers. This production strategy along with only selling direct, helps keep costs down and provides a better value instrument for Reville customers.  

Reville Guitars has big plans for the future!  Additional options, finishes, and new models will be added regularly to meet the demand for the brand.  Customer feedback is the #1 driver behind new additions, so make your opinion heard!