Affiliate Program

Become an affiliate for Reville Guitars and earn commission when you promote our brand.


We partner with and generate income for established blogs, YouTube channels, social media advertisers, email marketing advertisers and more through our convenient affiliate program.

How does it work?

Once approved, you'll have access to our affiliate network profile, where you'll be able to create links with special tracking code.  You can put these links anywhere - on Facebook, on your YouTube channel, in your blog, and even in emails. If a referred customer purchases within 90 days, you'll get a commission for the sale.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who generates web content (blogs, videos, etc) or engages in internet marketing will be considered.  All affiliates are reviewed and accepted based on the quality of content, following, and marketing image.  If your work is professional, established, and aligns with our marketing image, you are likely to be approved.

Will I receive free guitars as an affiliate?

First things first, a guitar is not required to begin your affiliate marketing journey.  You can start posting content right away using topics that incorporate our brand:  "New Models Coming Soon to Reville," "Frequent Questions About Reville", "Check out this guitar that looks cool", etc.  There are millions of ways you can incorporate a link to our content - banner ads, provided product photos, and more.

Second, an affiliate relationship is a partnership.  We look forward to working with you for years, while generating a growing stream of revenue.  However, it will take an investment from both sides - for us, the cost of running the program, maintaining marketing materials, and commissions.  For you, your time, and whatever amount you want to put into building your content: $0 - $1,000s.  For established partners that have invested in our brand, there will be opportunities and rewards for your hard work.

To apply to our affiliate marketing program, please send an email to