MV Series

rv-mvxm-gbfl-vert.pngThe Reville Maverick embraces the heritage of rock and roll.  It is where Reville began, and is still our most popular model today.  We have adapted several design modifications over the years, creating a singlecut guitar that is nimble and easier to play than traditional singlecut designs.

The body has been trimmed to a sleeker, streamlined shape that removes a portion of the bulkiness that can plague the singlecut style.  Designed for performers, our starting point was to make the overall guitar more agile and easier to handle, while still maintaining the classic heft for sustain and a solid feel.

Next, we improved upper fret access by implementing the Reville Comfort Cutaway®.  The neck heel on the Maverick has been contoured to allow easier access to the highest frets on solos, and creates an overall feel that encourages the guitar to facilitate your playing rather than fight against it.

Choose from a variety of finishes, features, and models.  We have offered several models over the years including the MV-X (basswood), MV-XM (mahogany), and MV-II, a flat top singlecut guitar.  We have offered P90s, humbuckers, single binding, triple binding, gold hardware - you'll just have to see what we do next!