RPT Series

rpt199-category.pngThe RPT series features our popular RPT188 and RPT199 electric guitar models.  The RPT188 features a solid body while the RPT199 is an attractive semi-hollow thinline style electric guitar.  Both models feature a 25.5" scale length, a maple neck, and basswood body.

The Reville single coils offer versatility for light rock, country, blues, jazz, bluegrass, and similar music genres.  Add some twang by adjusting the pickup height, or add an overdrive pedal for a great classic rock tone.  However, the most mesmerizing tones come from the cleans, in particular, the neck pickup.  You'll achieve incredibly warm and smooth sound especially through a tube amp.  One of our favorites is the Fender Ramparte.

The warmth of the basswood combined with the brightness of the maple neck give the RPT series a balance sound with crisp highs and bellowing lows.  The thinline RPT199 series is available in several striking finishes including a blue burst, sonic blue, and stained walnut.